Word of the Year 2019


I’ve never done a word of the year before. It feels a little odd, like I’m doing something trendy just because its trendy. If you know me, then you’d know that I don’t do that. Trendy is not a word that describes me.

So why am I doing it? It feels right. I really don’t have a better reason than that. Maybe you’ve been doing a word of the year for years, or maybe, like me, your new to this. Either way, I’ve put my word out there.

Why consistent?

At first I was thinking faithful. Only it didn’t feel right. Faithful has to many meanings or uses that have nothing to do with my focus for the year. So I did a search for synonyms of faithful and found consistent. It really fit so much better to what I am praying for and wanting in this year.

What does it mean to be consistent?

It means to be something regularly. I want to become a person with positive and consistent habits. Someone that can be relied upon. In my work life, I want to set goals and met them. In my homeschool I want to have a daily schedule that helps our family stay on track.

According to Webster’s dictionary it means:

Consistent definition is – marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction.

Do you have a word of the day? Why or Why not?

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