“Bubbles and the Berry Bush” Teacher’s Activity Guide

As a homeschooling mom I understand the struggle to find activities that reinforce the books being read. Whether you are doing a unit study approach or not, children remember more when they interact with a character outside of story time.

As I searched for printables to use with my own daughter I found that the majority of things out there are just copies of the same basic worksheets, simply with different clip art. That just doesn’t work, as children continue to learn their skills change.

This means that teacher’s need different things based on where in the school year they are. My activity guide provides a variety of different activities to cover the different skill levels.

What this means for teacher’s in a classroom

For Preschool and Early Elementary Teachers, this means that they can pull the book out and use it when ever they feel like it will benefit that class of students. They can do this and know there is a worksheet to go with it. It also means that they can have some variety while still meeting the needs of that class of students.

What is means for the homeschool teacher

It means that this activity book is uniquely situation for your multiage classroom. A child that has trouble sitting through story time, give them a coloring sheet that works with the book. Young readers, their are some early readers that help the child connect more with the book characters. Older elementary kids in the mix, they can use the writing pages to work on creative writing skills. Something for every level age 3-9.

Just looking for a summer workbook?

Its good for that too. Everyone knows that kids need to practice academic skills through the summer or they lose valuable time and skill. The book can be used as a workbook for child, offering a variety of activities with characters they love.

Available in more than one format.

This book is available as either a printable or a physical book. You choose. The links will take you to either Teacher’s Pay Teachers, for the printable version, or amazon for the physical copy. I am compensated for your purchase.

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