5 Good Things About Reading Challenges

1. Reading leads to learning.

You can’t help it. When you read something you learn something. It may be reinforcing something you already know, it may be noticing something you didn’t notice before, that is all learning. Reading opens up so many doors to learning new and exciting things. Where will your books lead you?

2. Makes you Smarter*

Reading to your kids creates more connections in their brains. Not just your kids brains, but yours too. Think about it. Your building your vocabulary, reinforcing your vocabulary, you emotionally connect with the character’s, get to visit places you might never see, or revisiting favorite places. All those things make connections in your brain. The more connections the smarter you are.

*I’m not a doctor or a specialist, please don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself. Remember to be kind and that every person is different and has different potential in different areas.

3.Reading out loud helps helps your memory.

The more ways you learn something the more you remember it. Just like writing something out, reading out load accesses a different part of your brain. So if there is something you want to remember try alternating between silent reading and reading out loud. Feel weird about reading out loud to your self, read to your dog, cat, baby, its not about them any way its about doing something for your.

4. Positive Habits

Daily reading creates positive habits for life. Daily habits put you in control, rather than letting life control you. It means that when you set your mind to doing something, you get it done. This translates to way more than just getting your reading in. Conquer daily reading and move on to other things on your to do list.

5. Accomplishing Something

When you set your mind on a goal, and accomplish it, you builds up your self esteem. It’s important to start with small goals. Reading something daily for a month doesn’t mean you reading a full length novel every day. A poem, or quote, a children’s book, even the back of your cereal box if its been that kind of day.

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