Free Coloring pages for Bubbles and the Big Race

Keeping kids engaged

Coloring pages are a great way to help kids stay focused. Often something as simple as a coloring page can help because the child needs to moving in order to focus on the words. Its a trick that teachers in classrooms use all the time. So its easy to see how using coloring pages outside the classroom are just as effective.

Keeping kids engaged is the biggest reason I provide coloring pages for most of my books. Kids need to be engaged to remember the lessons. The best way to do that, is provide opportunities that use as much of their brains as we can.

Other tips, ask your child questions. My books often have built in places where questions fit, don’t hesitate to stop and get your child involved in the story.

How to get the free printables

Just head on over to Teacher’s Pay Teachers, log in and select my free Bubbles and the Big Race Coloring Pages. This site hosts all of the files and makes a safe and secure place to deliver the files to you. I hope you find the site to be as easy and useful as I do.

I host all of my free coloring pages on Teacher’s Pay Teachers. Please take a moment and see what else I have to offer.

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My next Middle Grade Novel:

“Saving Gardenia” is HERE

My newest middle grade novel is now available! “Saving Gardenia” is book two in my Gemstone Dragons Series. Its available as a Kindle book and a softcover book. The amazon link is here.

Natural Consequeses

“Saving Gardenia” expands on the idea that keeping secrets causes drama.

In book one, “Escaping Gardenia”, the main characters are both keeping secrets and it makes it difficult to form a friendship. One of them finally opens up, but before the other can do the same, life intervenes and his secret exposed.

Book two, “Saving Gardenia” covers the fall out of having your secret exposed instead of sharing them.

All of this on the background of a fantasy novel, in which two kids are working to help other people, figure out who they are and who they want to be. Oh, and dealing with a magical force that has an agenda all its own.

Target Audience

Middle Grade books are a very misunderstood category. I believe its because different regions have there own names for this age group. Middle Grade does NOT mean Middle School.

Now that I have the cleared up what does middle grade mean? Middle grade is for kids aged 8-12. So upper elementary kids from 2nd grade through early 7th grade. That’s a pretty big range and obviously not every middle grade novel is going to be right for every 8-12 yr old kid.

Encouraging a love of reading

Try exposing your young people to a wide variety of books in order to find the niche that resonates with them. I write fantasy books, as a parent if that’s not your thing then it might be easy to skip those for your kids. I encourage you to reconsider that. Fantasy books encourage a child’s imagination in ways other books do not. I also encourage mysteries and historical books even though I personal don’t read mysteries, and I have a love hate relationship with historical books.

My kids are often drawn to similar books to what I like. Thankfully, early exposure to a wide variety of books means they read a much more varied selection than I ever did. This not only expands their imaginations, like I mentioned before, it gives them a larger vocabulary, and a broader understanding of how other people think and interact with each.

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