Bubbles and the Big Race Printable Bookmarks

This one is for the fans of my Bubbles the Bubble Blowing Dragon. The bookmarks match up with his newest book “Bubbles and the Big Race”. If your not familiar with it you can read about it in another post here. Or check it out on amazon here.

Make it a treat or a reward

Bookmarks are an easy and popular treat to give to book loving kids. Even if you and your kids are not familiar with Bubbles the Bubble Blowing Dragon these book marks are sure to be a hit!

I make these a reward because I find that any gift I give is treated better if my kids think they have earned it. Try rewarding a wiggly child who manages to sit through a whole story, or better yet, reward a begging reader that reads a book to you!

Printing Instructions.

To print these bookmarks put 8.5 x 11 white cardstock into your printer and make sure it is ready to print. Then click the link above. It should pop up a new tab or page with both pages. Print as you normally would, stopping to flip the page so that it is two sided.

After printing them, cut them apart along the dotted lines and enjoy. The second side of the bookmark has a place for you or your child to right their name. That way if you have more than one child it is easy to remember who’s bookmark belongs to who.

Remember only laminate after they have colored it. Laminating isn’t required, but it does extend the life of the bookmark.

Copyright reminder

These bookmarks are free for you to print and hand out, but they are NOT for you to sale or post on any site.

You are welcome to share my blog post as long as you link it back to me and do not copy it.

Thank you!

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