Little Yellow Llama Coloring Pages

The end of the year is almost here and I have a lot of project I wanted to get done. One of those projects was my Llama book. With every book I write I try to provide a few coloring pages. This helps parents and teachers to keep a group of kids all focused. Every child learns differently and not all of them can sit still and listen. Some kids need to be moving in order to process new information. That is why coloring pages are so useful in the classroom. Coloring pages that match or coordinate with a book, allows a child to interact with the characters in the book on a new level, and reinforces the messages of the store. A win-win for teachers and parents alike. You can find the book here. (amazon link)

Is this just for teachers?

No its not. This resource is for any child that loves to color! That it has added uses is just a bonus. Kids do remember more when they interact with a concept or character in more than one way, but its okay if you child just likes Llamas (or elephants, or porcupines). Provided material that interests our children has its own set of benefits, like knowing that their parents or care giver cares about what they like. That has the biggest impact of all.

How to get the free pages

Just head on over to Teacher’s Pay Teachers by clicking here, log in and select my free Little Yellow Llama Coloring Pages It will give your the files to download from there. I want to make this as safe and easy as possible. Since I am providing these at no charge, I wanted a way for you to safely access the pages without paying for anything out of my pocket. Teacher’s Pay Teachers does that for both of us.

Want more?

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