School Visits

One of things that lead me to write children’s picture books, is my love for children. I love seeing their faces light up when they hear a good story, or when someone takes the time to interact with them. So many adults are busy doing important adult things and all a child really craves is attention.

What you can expect during a visit.

When I come and speak to a group of children I bring my pet dragon. I introduce Bubbles my felt shoulder dragon to the class. He’s a great ice breaker. I also like to bring one or two copies of books during different stages of editing and production, so that the children can see that making a book is a process.

If I’m vising younger kids, say from preschool to 2nd grade, then I like to read one of my picture books, before talking about the history of the publishing industry and what it takes to be published in the past and now. I’m pretty good at breaking this down so that I’m speaking at a level with the kids.

I follow it up with a Q & A session. For the younger kids I may ask the teacher’s to prep the kids a little first, maybe write down some questions that the kids came up with. If they approach it this way then I can read the question and thank the child who ask before answering.

For the older kids, I read from my chapter book, then we talk about things like the hook. Does my passage make them want to know more? We talk more about the stages of editing, the purpose of a story and story arc. How the process can look different from person to person. The key is to encourage the kids to write, even if their process looks a little different than the person next to them. I include more information about the publishing process and the differences between traditional publishing vs self-publishing. I also talk about how the industry has changed and is forecasted to change in the future.

The message

All of my books have their own special message. I hope that at the end of my visit they will remember the lessons taught in my story. I also want them to know that their stories are worth telling. It takes a little work, some polishing, but its worth the effort.

Scheduling a visit

My program can easily be adjusted for any grade PreK-12th grades. For fees list or if you have any questions, please fill out my contact form and I’ll get back with you.