Free Elephant Coloring Pages

Elephants are everywhere right now.

You may have noticed that I have a new book out! The Little Pink Elephant. You may also be able to guess who my inspiration was? Well inspiration or not, my little one wanted more elephants. Even after illustrating the book, I was happy to provide them. That means you get them too!

I’m not the only one with elephants on the brain. With an upcoming movie, and the general popularity of elephants in the baby section of most stores, I hope you all find my elephants fill a need for your little one, just like they did for mine.

Fun Fact

There really are pink elephants in Africa! I was surprised too, but once I new I had to share the information. No they aren’t born pink, but the dirt in the area they live is bright red, and when it dries it turns the elephants varies shades of red and pink. How cool is that! Click here to find out more about the these elephants!

How to get the free printables

Just head on over to Teacher’s Pay Teachers, log in and select my free Elephant Coloring Pages. It will give your the files to download from there. I want to make this as safe and easy as possible. Since I am providing these at no charge, I wanted a way for you to safely access the pages without paying for anything out of my pocket. Teacher’s Pay Teachers does that for both of us.

Want more?

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I also have Free Elephant Bookmarks here.