DIY Safari Summer Camp Activities!

Are you looking for some fun activities to do with your children this summer? Me too! Well one of my kids, the big kids may join in once they see how much fun we are having. This week the theme is Safari, and with that in mind I have an elephant craft and a book to share.

1. Elephant Masks

To start off Elephant Day, lets make some Elephant masks!

What you need:

  • Download Pattern Pieces HERE
  • One piece of cardstock (I used pink to match my book)
  • 2 pieces of regular printer paper (to match the cardstock)
  • elastic
  • glue
  • scissors
  • printer to print the pattern pieces
  • optional-crayons or markers, but only if your stuck using white paper
  • hole punch (or something to make small holes)

Download and print my pattern pieces. Make sure to print the main mask piece (page 1) on cardstock. It needs to be heavier paper. Cut out the pieces for the mask and the ears. Carefully cut out the eyes. Glue the ears on slight above the holes for the elastic. attach the elastic. Then, cut out the nose piece. Be carful to not cut past the lines down the nose or you’ll end up with a short nose. Glue the uncut sides together forming a tube. Carefully trim along the top edge of nose, fold those pieces up and glue it to the face of the mask. I found it worked easier to put the glue on the mask and press the nose down onto the glue.

Give it a few minutes for the glue to dry then have an elephant parade! End the parade in a story time. I hope you enjoy this mask as much as we have.

2. Elephant Books

There are so many great Elephant themed books. I wanted to give you a reading lists of books available as ebooks. You can cuddle up on the couch to read them, or project them up the TV to read to a group. Of course physical copies are also available for those of you that like to plan ahead.

  • The Little Pink Elephant
  • Eyesha and the Great Elephant Gathering – Amazon Link
  • The Last Rhino(Don’t let the title fool you, its got lots of elephants going on-Amazon link

I hope you have fun reading about elephants and doing some arts and crafts. Most of I hope you are having fun spending time together.

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