Free Fairy Coloring Printable Pages

My youngest princess is always asking me to draw coloring pages for her. She has never liked coloring books, yet she loves it when I draw scenes for her to color.

Over time, I noticed that I was drawing very similar pages each time. Her favorite pages all have fairies on them.

Time Saver

I realized that if I draw them up and digitized them I would save time. No more racking my brain for what to draw. No more stopping what I am doing (ex. filling out forms at a doctor’s office, or listening to the preacher in church) to draw a new scene. I keep paper in a folder for this very purpose. In the future I’ll have several printed scene’s ready to go.


I keep these scene’s pretty basic. This allows for plenty of creativity on the part of my princess. I keep her travel bag simple too. One paper folder, one crayon box and a pen. Now I won’t have to worry about the pen.

Come back for more.

Then throughout the year I’ll share them with you here on my blog. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram to get the next set. Click below to get This months free coloring pages.