Why Arts and Crafts Are Important

Even if your not good at them.

Are you a perfectionist? Or, someone who wants to put their best forward at all times? That isn’t a bad thing, even if I have some trouble relating. Oh, don’t get me wrong I want to put my best foot forward too. I just know that it takes a lot of mistakes to get there, and I’m not afraid of to let my progress be seen. This is where it gets tricky with kids. You need to let your kids see you struggle. So that they understand that it takes time and practice to get good at things. Show them your mistakes.

Why arts and Crafts?

Arts and crafts help children learn all kinds of important lessons. They get to explore their imaginations. Learn small motor skills, and even work through some engineering type problems. Depending on the craft all kids of connections can be made. Learning something new with your child, shows them they are important. It shows them that your not perfect either, and that its okay to struggle.If nothing else, it should be fun and you both end up giggling over how awful they both look! But, your kid may surprise you and have natural talent you never would have found if you hadn’t introduce them.

If nothing else, it should be fun, you both may end up giggling over how awful they both look! And thats okay! But, your kid may surprise you. They may have natural talent you never would have found if you hadn’t introduce them to something new.

Don’t know where to start?

Pinterest is a great resource. Just pick a medium or a subject. Painting, paper, yarn, fabric, these are all mediums. Princess’s, cars, horses, dinosaurs, etc, these are subjects. Let your child see you struggle and learn, but most of make sure your both having fun!

Making the Most of My Scrap Felt

I have been making felt dolls and finger puppets for the last few months. They are super cute, but I ended up with this bag of felt that I didn’t want to toss.

“What’s your deal, just toss ’em” is probably going through your mind at this point.

Well, if it was your typical craft store felt, I would agree. I just toss it that synthetic stuff. This is something different, this is NICE felt. 100% wool felt from Felt on the Fly. I even added a bag of scraps to my order. I know I bought scraps. EEK.

So what am I going to do with those scraps? Well I challenged myself and I made a whole finger puppet with just scraps.

Some examples of what I was doing.

Notice I was using some of my scraps. This piece of green in her hair made a cute leaf. That tiny bit of green was trimmed off of a bigger piece of scrap of felt. At this rate I was going to buried under a pile of scraps! 

What I did after I challenged myself.

I challenged myself to use bigger pieces of scraps. When I did, I got these cuties.

I used scraps for the dress’s and the wings:

My next challenge.

After that, I took it a step further. I used scraps for every part of the finger puppet. This is Maeve Fairy. I think she turned out super cute.

Do you want to do something similar?

There are tons of patters available. For finger puppets, check on Pinterest (linked to my felt board) and Etsy (finger puppet fairy pattern). just pick a shape you like and fill it in. Please note, I did not use anyone else’s pattern. The hardest part may be the flesh tones, but who says a fairy has to be peachy cream colored? Have fun and share your creations in the comments!

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